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The Masterclass

Congrats on completing the core program. You've learnt skills to reverse your pain - were here to help you continue forward.

Becoming a Master. What to Expect.

Continued Coaching

You're stepping in more and more into the life you want.

This is hard...

Continue working with a coach to refine your pain reversal skills.
Image by Heidi Fin
Image by Chris Montgomery

Community group for motivation and practice 

People succeed when surrounded by others to help them stay motivated, on track, and safe. In the polyvagal framework this is called co-regulation.


Subscribe to a monthly plan. Cancel anytime.

Bi-Weekly Group

Schedule: Every other Friday at 1pm ET

Cost: $80/ month ($40/session)

Weekly Group

Schedule: Fridays, alternating at 1pm and 3pm ET

Cost: $160/ month ($40/session)


All of our founders recovered from persistent pain. Modern pain science truly changed our lives and it’s our dream to help it transform yours.


For that reason, we don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. If you have extenuating circumstances, contact us.

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