Join the 10-week healing bootcamp

We want anyone living with pain to have access to quality care. Our program & pricing reflect this mission.

How the Program Works

Join Your Tribe

Work alongside a small group of 8-12 people. Each week you'll on zoom for 90 minutes.

Learning Neural Training tools, share obstacles and success, and receive coaching guidance. 
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Daily Tools for Pain Reversal

Access the education and nervous system tools on the go. Chat with your community group right from your phone.

Coaching Support for Real Outcomes

81% of participants report a "definite improvement" in symptoms, resulting in a "meaningful life change".


Enroll in the upcoming January Bootcamp.

$150 / week ($1200 total)


All of our founders recovered from persistent pain. Modern pain science truly changed our lives and it’s our dream to help it transform yours.


For that reason, we don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds. If you have extenuating circumstances, contact us.