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Menda Health is an research-based, outcomes driven company. Our therapies are backed by randomized control trials and published in high quality papers.

Asher et al (University of Colorado Boulder)

For the first clinical test of Pain Reprocessing Therapy, a team at the University of Colorado, Boulder led by Dr. Yoni Ashar (now at Weill Cornell Medical College) and Dr. Tor Wager (now at Dartmouth College) enrolled 151 people with mild to moderate chronic back pain. Participants received one of three treatments: four weeks of intensive PRT, a placebo injection of saline into the back, or a continuation of care as usual.

After 4 weeks of PRT, 66% of people who underwent the therapy reported being pain-free or nearly pain-free. In contrast, only 20% of people who received placebo injections and 10% of those receiving usual care reported similar improvements. The reductions in pain after PRT were largely maintained a year after treatment.Results were published on September 29, 2021, in JAMA Psychiatry.

Donnino et. al (Harvard Beth Israel)

Physician-scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) developed a 12-week mind-body program that takes a new approach to chronic back pain. After just four weeks, researchers saw an astonishing 83 percent decrease in reported pain disability in the PSRT group compared to 22 percent and 11 percent in the MBSR and usual care groups respectively.

With regard to pain bothersomeness over the same time period, the PSRT group had a 60 percent drop compared to 8 percent and 18 percent decreases in pain bothersomeness for the mindfulness and usual care groups, respectively.

Get Help With Your Patients

Do you have a patient with chronic pain? Refer them to our integrative pain program.

Evidence-based, online Pain Reprocessing Treatment for pain 

This treatment - called Pain Reprocessing Therapy - has the highest effectiveness of pain treatments with no side effects or risky surgeries.


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