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We've been there.
We're on a mission.

Developed by three former chronic pain patients who were stuck in the medical merry-go-round for years. We're on a mission to help others suffer less unnecessarily

Our Story

Arun was an active 25 year old. One evening, after a friendly basketball game, he found himself in excruciating lower back and sciatica pain. The doctors took an MRI and diagnosed him with Degenerative Disc Disease. For three years, he was unable to do most activities, and even stand for more than a few minutes. His life took a 180 degree turn.

His best friend Kartik also began suffering from chronic abdominal pain and was diagnosed with IBS. The doctors said that there was no cure, and he lost 40 lbs. 

Thankfully, they both discovered modern pain neuroscience. After full recoveries - they met Dr. Les Aria - a pain psychologist expert of 20 years. Together they founded Menda to help others get answers, and regain their life from chronic pain.

Family portrait
Happy Woman

What Menda means

The word Menda derives from mend, and means "Reversing Pain". It suggests that we can all live a value-driven life and be safe and connected. Our logo describes a journey of moving forward, even through ups and downs. Every team member at Menda is here to support you, we want to generate excitement, warmth, hope, and courage.

The Impact


People cared for across many states. Many of them are back to their favorite life activities!


Can better self-manage their pain. That means less doctors visits and more freedom.


of Patients say Menda "made a meaningful change that's made all the difference"


We believe recovery is possible. Schedule a free consultation call.

You've been through a lot, we are here to help you the rest of the way. Begin your journey towards pain reversal and see why we're very different.

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