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We're on a mission

Developed by three former chronic pain patients who were stuck in the medical merry-go-round for years. We're on a mission to help others suffer less unnecessarily

Our Mission

Many of us at Menda Health suffered from chronic pain. We bounced around from doctor to doctor with no answers, no relief, and not feeling understood. We want that to change.

Our mission is to enable every person suffering from chronic pain to feel heard and cared for, and ultimately, to get back to life-enriching activities. Welcome to our family.

Family portrait
Happy Woman

What Menda means

The word Menda derives from mend, and means "Reversing Pain". It suggests that we can all live a value-driven life and be safe and connected. Our logo describes a journey of moving forward, even through ups and downs. Every team member at Menda is here to support you, we want to generate excitement, warmth, hope, and courage.


Evidence-based, online Pain Reprocessing Treatment for pain 

This treatment - called Pain Reprocessing Therapy - has the highest effectiveness of pain treatments with no side effects or risky surgeries.


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