"Many doctors told me I'd never get out of arthritis pain. Menda saved my life.

  - Steph, Menda Health patient since 2021


It's time to break the pain cycle

You've been promised "a cure" too many times. See how our virtual pain recovery program is very different. 

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Evidence-based, online Pain Reprocessing Treatment for pain 

This treatment - called Pain Reprocessing Therapy - has the highest effectiveness of pain treatments with no side effects or risky surgeries.

As mentioned by these journals and press outlets


Finally, healthcare that actually listens to you.

A dedicated team who truly cares.

Most of us have experienced chronic pain, that's why we got into this work. Your pain is real. So is the solution.

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Treatment from the comfort of your home

It's exhausting traveling to get pain treatment. The commute can even cause more pain! Menda is a virtual first treatment - see your providers and get relief tools all from your phone.

To participate, you just need Zoom and a smartphone.

Multiple payment options

Pain care can get expensive. We meet you halfway with multiple payment options. Those in financial need can apply for our scholarship program.

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We've helped people just like you break the pain cycle

About halfway through the program, my IBS symptoms dropped 50%. This is after years of seeing GI doctors and other specialists


I'm a foodie, this was huge for me.




HSA / FSA Eligible

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