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Back Pain

Regain your life from

Virtual video sessions with a licensed pain therapist using an evidence-based neuroplasticity approach. Get started with a free 15-minute call.


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Evidence-based, online Pain Therapy visits 

Neuroplasticity treatments are becoming the gold-standard in chronic pain care. In a randomized control trial of Pain Reprocessing Therapy, 66% of patients became pain free.

As mentioned by these journals and press outlets


Our Therapists.

Our licensed therapists specialize in treating and reversing pain. They are all trained by our clinical staff who have designed cutting edge pain programs at leading health systems.

"Psychologists, therapists, and social workers have quietly become a crucial part of pain treatment programs, proving to be as effective or more so than medication"

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Muscloskeletal (Back, Neck, etc.)

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Medically Unexplained ("can't find the cause")

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Autonomic Nervous System

(CRPS, Migraines, Fibromyalgia)

Our therapists treat many types of chronic pain conditions

Your provider will create custom treatment plans based on your symptom history.

We've helped people just like you break the pain cycle

This course has given and gives me so much. When I started I had hoped for a new vocabulary to cope with my body. I have it! It feeds and redirects my internal and spiritual circuit board.

Mary H


Pain is not in your head.

Whether you have structural issues or unexplained pain, it all hurts. Thankfully, modern pain neuroscience research gives much needed hope to those living in persistent pain.


Our patients get their life back from pain - read their stories.

"Many doctors told me I'd never get out of arthritis pain. Menda saved my life."


HSA / FSA Eligible

Begin with a free phone call

You've been through a lot, we are here to help you the rest of the way. Begin your journey towards pain reversal and see why we're very different.

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