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We have an announcement!

Our community has been the most important part of our journey so far. We're excited to share with you that Remedy is changing to Menda Health.

The idea began when people couldn't find us online (there are too many "Remedies"). Overtime, it evolved into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team.

What is Menda?

The word Menda means "Reversing Pain". It means to lean into life and its discomfort, live a value driven life, and be safe and connected. The logo describes a journey of moving forward, even through ups and downs. Our updated colors invoke a sense of excitement, warmth, hope, and courage. How does this impact me?

As we transition over the next few weeks, you'll notice the name Menda show up on the app, website, and within emails. The old contact info and website will be active - you can still reach us in the same way.

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