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Top 22 Chronic Pain Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Chronic pain affects 50 Million people in the US and almost a Billion worldwide. We've compiled a list of inspiring bloggers who share their experiences and hope.

Brainless Blogger

Health blog about chronic pain, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, migraines, and chronic migraines. I introspect about the experience of living with chronic illness and chronic pain. I also will post research and articles. Occasionally you will see book reviews or item reviews of things I have found.

LupusChick | Your Go-To Girl for Chronic Illness Advice

Founded by Marisa, a chronic illness warrior, Lupus Chick provides information, education, a sense of community, and practical support for those with lupus and other chronic illnesses. Marisa aims to give those with chronic illness the support she wished she had when she was first diagnosed.

A Chronic Voice | Articulating lifelong illness

My name is Sheryl, and I look like your average human being. You'd probably not give a second glance should our paths cross on the street. The mission is to represent and be a voice for those with chronic illnesses who are unable to do so themselves for any reason.

Pain Science explores the surprisingly weird science of many kinds of chronic pain and injury, from fibromyalgia to runner’s knee. The site is a library of a couple hundred detailed, evidence-based articles for both patients and healthcare professionals, informal but heavily referenced and constantly updated for 20 years. Like it says on the tin, there’s a pro-science bias here, and quackery is kicked to the curb.


Dani Fagan healed herself from chronic back pain through a John Sarno TMS approach. She writes about her story, interviews other recovery experiences, and offers yoga and movement classes for people with chronic pain. Visit her blog to understand more about the mind-body connection and how to heal.

The Disabled Diva

Cynthia Covert, The Disabled Diva shares how she makes living with psoriasis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and endometriosis easier to live with, less painful, and more fun!

Health Rising - Finding Answers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and Fibromyalgia

Cort Johnson founded Phoenix Rising and Health Rising to support people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Health Rising provides the latest treatment and research information for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Follow to get frequent and up-to-date information.

Better Movement

Written by Todd Hargrove, an author, and movement therapist, this website provides a range of articles on all things chronic pain, including pain science, treatment options, and of course, how to get your body moving. The benefits of exercise are well documented, and this blog provides insightful information for anyone who wants to know more about movement.

Back in Control

Dr. David Hanscom believes that each human being has a deep drive to thrive and give back. Through his own personal ordeal, he discovered that chronic pain is curable by systematically using established medical practices in a self-directed manner. The key is connecting to your own healing capacity.

Spoonie Hacker

Based on the concept of the spoon theory, the Spoonie Hacker is an online magazine and blog written by and for chronically ill, disabled, and neurodiverse people. The website aims to provide life hacks and coping advice to the community.

My Several Worlds

Life in Asia with Chronic Illness. Hi! I'm Carrie. I'm a Canadian living in Taiwan with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (MECFS), among other health issues. Travel Asia with me! MSW focuses on ex-pat life, living abroad and being chronically ill, Asian destinations, and intimate knowledge of Taiwan, my adopted homeland away from Canada.

Through The Fibro Fog

This personal blog is written by Claire, a woman living with fibromyalgia among a host of other chronic illnesses. She shares her experience of what life is like living with chronic illness and works to raise awareness.

Chronic Illness Bloggers

This website has created a community of chronic illness bloggers. They share and support one another’s work, and create a hub of information from people who live with a range of chronic conditions. They also share helpful tips and advice for starting a chronic illness blog.

Lights Camera Crohns

Natalie was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2005. Her mission in life is to be an advocate for those battling inflammatory bowel disease and to show that a chronic illness doesn't have to dull your sparkle. After several hospitalizations, countless medications, and flare-ups she underwent her first surgery in 2015. The blog covers everything from overcoming struggles to celebrating small victories.

Chronic Mom

This raw and honest personal blog is written by Shelly, a mother and freelance writer sharing her experience of living with fibromyalgia, among other health issues. She explains that the purpose of her blog is to let other people like her know that they are not alone.

Despite Pain

Despite Pain is written by Liz, a woman who has lived with chronic pain for most of her life. She shares insightful blog posts sharing advice on how to cope with chronic pain, along with what living with a lifetime of chronic pain is really like. Her posts instill hope and determination and are a pleasure to read.

Katie May

Written by Katie May, a young woman who lives with several chronic conditions, this blog focuses on living well with a chronic illness. She’s passionate about wellbeing and making the most of life, and this truly comes through in her writing. Dive on in for wellbeing advice, chronic illness stories & management tips & travel guides with chronic illness & wellbeing being a priority.

A Journey Through The Fog

Written by Jo Moss, this blog documents her journey living with severe M.E, among other chronic conditions. By sharing her experience, she aims to raise awareness and to help others. She aims to empower, encourage, educate, support, and give hope to those living with chronic illness and mental ill-health, and to use my platform to raise awareness of invisible illnesses.

Mom’s Small Victories

Moms in pain deal with a wide variety of pain conditions. Tanya of Mom’s Small Victories has rheumatoid arthritis and three small children at home. Her blog is jam-packed with link-ups for other bloggers, reading challenges, recipes, and categories for living with a chronic illness. Every day is filled with small victories for moms in pain, and Tanya celebrates them right along with her readers.

Fighting With Fibro

Stacey Chapman writes this honest and informative blog about her life with multiple chronic illnesses. She shares tips, coping strategies, and raw experiences which let other chronic illness warriors know that they are not alone. Her posts are incredibly helpful, relatable, and well-written.

The Rest Room

Natasha is a journalist, chronic illness blogger & host of The Rest Room podcast. The podcast is spectacular, she interviews experts to bring you evidence-based guides on a whole host of topics like pacing, exercise, and chronic pain.

Invisibly Me

This blog is written by Caz shares all sorts of realistic guidance for living with an invisible illness, along with raising awareness and providing insight into life with chronic conditions. The blog is well-written, funny, emotional at times, and a joy to read.

Welcome to the home of my migraine life. I'm living life through migraines one day at a time as a mom, teacher and so much more. Sharing information, support, products, awareness, and positivity.

A Little Bit Yummy

Run by expert FODMAPs chef Alanna Scott, A Little Bit Yummy is one of – if not the best – IBS blogs around. With a mix of lifestyle content as well as delicious, easy-to-make low FODMAP recipes, this IBS blog is both informative and endearing. You could even say it’s “a little bit yummy.”

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