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Pain Tends to Spread: How to Make Sense of it (and Other Symptoms).

Initially, one body part started to hurt. Overtime however, the pain spread. Your digestive system, knees, or neck also became issues. This required more doctors, more appointments, and often, diminished hope.

The old care model is to see symptoms as separate. If you have digestive issues (IBS, Crohn's) and back pain, you see a different specialist for each body part. This often leads to medical wack-a-mole! New pain research challenges this approach, backed by hundreds of studies. Dr. Les explains the knowledge helps his patients (many of them doctors) find relief.

The incidence of pain has dramatically increased in the last few decades. Pain researchers asked, "did something happen to the human body all of a sudden?"

Over the last decade, study on the brain and body show the nervous system plays a critical role in the persistence of pain. Using medical imaging, researchers have found that biomedical solutions alone often fall short of dialing down the pain system. However, a mindbody approach, using time-tested tools to dial down the nervous system, is increasingly effective to bring relief.

Learning what's happening in the body is key to recovery.

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