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Our Story

Coming together after our own experiences with pain.

All three founders of Menda Health were sitting where you might be today. We suffered from chronic pain, GI issues, migraines and fatigue. We tried everything that doctors suggested and nearly gave up hope.


So, we want you to know - we're with you in this journey.


Thanks to modern neuroscience research and mindbody tools for chronic pain, we have our lives back. We believe that every pain sufferer deserves access to the knowledge and tools to bring relief to their symptoms.

Our Mission

Ongoing pain affects 100 million almost every day. For people suffering, it takes a mental and physical toll that can be unbearable at times. Most doctors only receive a few hours of pain training, making difficult to address the complex issues in a quick visit. Patients are then bounced around from provider to provider with no solution and are increasingly frustrated.

Fortunately, Modern neuroscience research and tools shine a light on how pain develops and gets worse. Pain scientists know that the brain and nervous system play an important role in the persistence of pain. This updated understanding has led to breakthroughs in treatment, people with previously 'untreatable' conditions like low back pain, fibromyalgia, and even phantom limb pain are now getting better. 

We believe that everyone should have access to effective and safe pain treatment.

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Scientific Advisory Team

Developed with a team of leading board-certified physicians, spine surgeons, psychologists, physical therapists, and pain experts.

Dr. David Schechter is a sports medicine physician and a mindbody expert. He trained under Dr. John Sarno and has been treating patients with psychophysiologic disorders for 20+ years.

Dr. Amir Ramezani is a psychologist at the Veterans Affairs and a teaching faculty member at UC Davis. He specializes in compassion-based mindfulness treatments.

Dr. Les Aria, PhD is a pain psychologist at Kaiser Permanente. He's spent 20 years specializing in treating complex symptoms that don't respond to usual care. 

Dr. Stacie Lloyd, PhD is a pain specialist and educator by training. She's leading efforts to train partner clinics, coaches, psychologists, and physicians.

Dr. Mel Pohl is an addiction specialist and former medical director of the Las Vegas Recovery Center. He's authored several books on pain recovery.

Dr. Jean Howell is a mindbody trained primary care physician in Northern California. He's treated pain patients in the Indian Health system and the California prison system.